Angle Eyeliner

This flexible synthetic fiber brush can be dampen and lightly dipped into the desired mineral color for eyeliner application. Apply on upper eyelashes and/or under your eyelashes. Its angle shape assists you in creating the perfect line!


What is this

Our Angle Eyeliner Brush can be used with liquid, powder, cream or glitter gel to apply as eyeliner, or just adding a touch of glitter glow on top.

What it does

Creates the perfect line with our collection of Glitters, Glows and pigments.

How to use

Gently get our Glitter Gel and mix with your favorite eye shadow pigment or glitter and apply on your eye as an eye liner and let your make up look flawless all day. Is perfect for adding glitter or color as an eye liner when you mix them with water or glitter gel for all day. Use for eye brow shadow as well, or highlighting eyebrow.

After use

Clean your brushes using Mahya’s Brush Cleaner to remove makeup on your brush and keep the germs away from your brush.


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