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What is this

Mini Nano Mist is a kind of hi-tech nano-meter-ion intensive care system. It can provide the skin with the deepest care by rapidly atomizing skin care products and spraying gentle moisturizing mist with essential nano-meter ions that can effectively infiltrate into basal skin.

Multi-functional use

As a Skin moisturizer,it can make the liquid inside the water tank into nano-scale mist,which is easier to be absorbed by skin,Keep the skin,hair moist at any time in any place; For eyelash extension, it also perfect amount of mist to help cure the adhesive during the application of individual eyelash extensions.

Do you know?

Difference between nano-meter(atomizing) particles and common particles.
The particles of common skin care products can only go deep into the epidermis. The skin becomes dry fast after using common skin care products, because the particles of it have large diameter, it can only care the epidermis and will evaporate soon.

After atomization, the particles of nanometer skin care product can infiltrate into deep skin, which improve skin conditions. Because the nanometer-large particles can infiltrate into onner lining through corneum, thus better absorption effect can be achieved, which make skin hydrating and elastic.

How to use

✔ Put the radiator behind the spray apparatus, and confirm it in the place.
✔ Open the radiator cap to pour the skin care product.
✔ Handle the apparatus and press the power button, keep it about 15cm away to face, (the spray covers area about 4-5cm), and then spray.
✔ Move the spray apparatus at stable speed to make the skin absorb the skin care product evenly. At the beginning, the spray is not enough but will be stable after a while.
✔ After completing skin care, power off.


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