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What is this?

• Mini Nano Mist is a hi-tech nano-meter-ion intensive care system.
• Effective skincare by atomizing skin products
• Sprays gentle moisturizing mist with essential nano-meter ions that effectively penetrates basal skin.

What it does

• Liquid skincare product inside tank is rapidly turned into nano-scale mist, which is easily absorbed by skin.
• Helps keep skin and hair moist anytime, anyplace!
• Perfect for eyelash extensions: mist can help cure the adhesive during the application of individual eyelash extensions.

How to use

• Place the radiator behind the spray apparatus, and confirm it is in place.
• Open radiator cap and pour in your skincare product.
• Handle the apparatus and press the power button, keeping about 15 cm away to face, (the spray covers area about 4-5cm).
• Move the spray apparatus at steady speed to allow skin to absorb the product evenly.

Do you know?

• Particles of common skincare products cannot penetrate deep into skin.
• Mist particles larger diameter are not able to adsorb deep into epidermis skin layer which results in product quickly evaporating.
• After atomization, the particles of nano-meter skin care product can penetrate deep into skin, improving overall skin conditions.
• Better absorption because of nano sized particles, which make skin hydrated and elastic.


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