Flat Bronzer

A professional brush that allows you to get the exact buildable coverage you’re looking for.


What is this

This plush, full-tapered brush delivers the ultimate complexion luxury when applied in broad sweeping strokes all over the face for medium to full coverage with Mahya Mineral Foundation.

What it does

• Helps apply you’re: Bronzer, Glow or Blush just the perfect way. Making your face look like was done professionally.
• Also perfect for applying Mahya Mineral Blush, Glow, or Bronzer.

How to use

After applying Mahya Mineral Concealer: Choose a foundation color that is same as your natural skin tone. Dip the Flat Face brush into the desired Mahya Foundation, swirl slightly and tap the brush on the side of the jar to remove excess powder, apply in circular motions all over your face. We recommend using Mineral Veil to set your make up after your Mineral Foundation.

After use

Clean your brushes using Mahya’s Brush Cleaner to remove makeup on your brush and keep the germs away from your brush.


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